Ill-Mannered Manospherians

I’ve read more than a few threads on Dalrock, and I’m noticing a troubling pattern – namely a woman shows up, says something, “the collective” jumps all over her with accusations of all sorts of “typically” feminine shortfalls regardless of whether or not they have any evidence to support the accusation.

This kind of behavior isn’t something I’d attribute to “being in a male space” – it was a bunch of bullies with a script, and whenever a female shows up, they run through that script like it was a program regardless of whether or not there’s any basis for the allegation, or if it’ll help win her over to “our side”.

I suppose it makes such people feel better, or empowered, or something. It certainly doesn’t help advance the cause of healthy relationships between the sexes. Such a battle can’t be just about men – women have a part to play, and will also be needed as allies, soldiers, and “helpmeets” in the fight for what’s good for all people.

Otherwise, by adopting the tactics of the enemy, such manospherians risk becoming the enemy.


About A Northern Observer

Joe Random Guy who lives north of a lot of things. My image is from the National Archives - Battle of Britain - Aircraft spotter on the roof of a building in London. St. Paul's Cathedral is in the background. 306-NT-901B-3.

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