Quote of the Day – “Thought Processes of People”

Shamelessly stolen from BbSezMore’s blog


Athor Pel: If the thought processes of people were rendered into simple decision trees you would see the following.

Any thought process of a man would render a fairly simple tree of mostly binary choices. And he usually knows why he made the decision. He can justify it.

For example, man meets a woman. He looks her up and down and makes a decision, ‘is she hot?’ or ‘is she not?’ This decides whether he takes the time and energy to talk to her.

Any thought process of a woman would render a very dense highly complex tree with zero binary choices, very few decision points with fewer than three choices and most with four or more choices at the decision point and quite a few with what looks like a vibrating infinity of outcomes that would only solidify when a decision was actually being forced on the woman.

The reasons for the multiplicity of branching – every decision in her life is pulled through a multi-variant algorithm with every variable having an impact on final outcome and none of them being linear and a few variables having hidden algorithms all their own. And as a final insult, the woman herself isn’t conscious of many of these variables. She knows what she feels but she doesn’t always know why, not really.

So a guy that isn’t sensitive to a woman’s moods is asking for a trainwreck. It’s a moment to moment thing because that is what is required of the task. There is no other way. You either get on the ride and do your best to guide it to a pleasant outcome or you’re just rudderless on the rock filled rapids. And even then you’re not guaranteed even a neutral outcome.

But here’s the other thing, men are harder to read because we control our emotions more than women because we have to. Our more extreme levels of emotion can lead to a much more dire outcome. Men intrinsically have the potential to do more damage. Also, male brains show less activity in the regions correlated to emotion, less connection of emotion centers to other parts of the brain and more activity in those parts of the brain correlated to logical decision making. So there, nature and nurture explanations all in one paragraph.


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Joe Random Guy who lives north of a lot of things. My image is from the National Archives - Battle of Britain - Aircraft spotter on the roof of a building in London. St. Paul's Cathedral is in the background. 306-NT-901B-3. http://www.archives.gov/research/military/ww2/photos/

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