Don’t look at that man behind the curtain!

I started following the blog “Priestly Rant” back when the author was promoting the protection and support of pastors suffering in CRM purgatory. I thought he was someone worth supporting , and so I encouraged and supported him in his effort.

Then he changed his blog to “Homo Factus Est”, and starting writing more and more dubious material, until he went over the top with this post, where he clearly outs himself as a supporter of same-sex “marriage” by making a number of specious claims.

A few of them are:

1) Gay marriage controls lust.

This is true only if you ignore consent by the partners to having sexual relationships outside the relationship. From

Proponents of “marriage equality” sing their refrain over and over: “Our relationships are just the same as yours.”

Not even close. While just 7 per cent of Americans believe that adultery (sexual infidelity by married, heterosexual partners) is morally acceptable, Dr Hoff’s report emphasizes that nearly 50 per cent of gays in committed relationships specifically affirm sexual infidelity. Other research shows shockingly higher rates (75-95 per cent) of non-monogamy in long-term gay relationships.

– See more at:

2) He then asserts:

sooner or later there will be same-sex couples with their children in our parishes.

this is an argument assuming the conclusion is foregone, and that nothing – include the church authorities – can stop it. This statement ignores a fundamental aspect of the marriage – namely that marriage is the joining of a man and a woman by God, with the Holy Spirit as an active participant in that relationship. Any other physical relationship outside of that boundary is immoral and forbidden just as a male-female pairing outside marriage is also forbidden. There is no comparison between same-sex arrangements and a godly marriage. Godly marriage is between a man and a woman joined by God, all other arrangements stand on their own without Him.

If a church actually believes what Scripture teaches about marriage and the sacrament of Holy Communion, then it cannot admit such pairings into membership, much less commune them to their death.

It’s one thing to be afflicted with same-sex attraction, it’s quite another to unrepentantly enter into such a immoral union and expect God’s church to recognize and affirm it by admitting such people to the altar.


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