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I hate adoption.

Nothing I can add to this beyond my gratitude for the author’s experience and for sharing a deeply personal experience with the rest of us. ANO

Those Sweet Barefeet

We hear all about the adoptive parents side– how challenging it is, how difficult it is to raise traumatized children, but we never hear from the adoptive siblings point of view.  All my life I have heard of what incredible parents I have (and I do), but never once has someone told me what an “incredible job” I have done or what my thoughts were on having adopted siblings.  Mainly, because I was just a kid when it all begin.  I understand that, and that’s okay.  But I’d like to share my honest opinion on adoption.

dad's 053

When I was seven my parents started down the road of adoption, I was elated, so overwhelmed with excitement at the fact that I was going to have a new sister or brother.  I remember meeting them for the first time, and they felt like family.  We got along and we were happy.  Until the…

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Christmas Triumphs Over War – For A Little While

Presenting the new Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion. Inspired by real events from 100 years ago.

A Crack in the “Don’t Hit A Woman” Taboo?

It’s been said there’s never a reason to hit a woman. I’ll wager this man would disagree…

Peña — a former pro baseball prospect — was riding the train home from work Friday night when a pack of wild women started mocking his clothes and then one pulled off her stiletto boot and hit him in the head.

“I never slapped anyone before. Especially a girl,” said the 6-foot-6 Peña.

“But when I saw that blood, I couldn’t take it. She attacked me like a man.”

After Peña defended himself, he was arrested and held in jail for four days before being released after the DA saw smartphone recordings of the incident. On the other hand, Danay Howard, 21, and Shanique Campbell, 20, have been charged with felony assault.

The following article also contains a youtube recording of the incident:

Time Polls it’s Readers – What Word Do You Want Banned?

Take the survey to see the results.  I don’t think it’ll be too surprising.  🙂

the danger of subjectivity

A female blogger makes the radical argument that trust and belief should be about the what a person knows or who they are instead of their gender.


What I’m about to say may set radical feminism back about 50 years, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get there.

As a woman, I don’t have to hear another woman have an opinion on something in order to form one myself.

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For Something a Bit Lighter….

After all the heavy material I’ve posted here, I think it’s time for something a bit lighter, so here’s Sadie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame scoring a perfect “40” with this epic ballroom dance.


False Rape Charge Leads To $3M Fine

The manosphere is replete with stories about the damage false rape charges have brought to men, and how women who’ve lied haven’t been charged under the theory that doing so would discourage other women from reporting their assault.

Now there’s an example where a man was charged of raping his autistic daughter, thrown in jail for 80 days, and then acquitted when the case completely fell apart for lack of evidence. After the trial, the family sued and the organizations that brought these heinous charges have been hit with huge fines totaling over $3M:

When this starts happening to individuals that knowingly make a false rape accusation against someone else, that’ll be progress.

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