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The Psychology of “He Said, She Said”

Dr.Carol Taviris lectures on just about every issue related to sexual assault, the nature of consent, and how people in “he said, she said” situations can mis-communicate intent (or refusal) and mis-remember what happened “after the fact.”

A very informative and interesting video, well wroth the time.


What is a Feminist Woman?

Ever wonder what a feminist woman was like and couldn’t quite put your finger on it? Well, wonder no more!

Schooling Internet Trolls

Baseball legend Curt Schilling recently tweeted congratulated to his daughter Gabby Schilling on getting admitted to University and joining the school baseball team.

Some young men with less sense than brains tweeted vulgar obscenities about what they’d do to his daughter when she got there.

Except this time, they picked on the wrong Dad’s daughter. As Curt wrote in his blog:

No less than 7 of the clowns who sent vile or worse tweets are athletes playing college sports.

I knew every name and school, sport and position, of every one of them in less than an hour. The ones that didn’t play sports were just as easy to locate.

I’ve kept every tweet like the ones above.

Tweeting can be done for fun and amusement, to make a political statement, or communicate any other message you have to the outside world. However, always remember that “the internet” never forgets anything. And often what you do on-line can have serious real-life consequences.

In Curt Schilling’s case, within a short time one of Gabby’s detractors had been fired from his job, another was suspended by his fraternity and under police investigation, and Curt had turned “the internet” on the rest of the tweeters to “out” them.

Here’s another example Curt gave of a street rapper confronts internet gangster for talking garbage about his music. (Warning for language).

As a demonstration that being an internet “tough-guy” has no correlation with street smarts, MMA fighter Josh “The Dentist” Neer invited an internet troll to a fight – and the idiot agreed! You can see what happened next here. From other sources, this kind of uninformed bravado is all too common.

On a more positive note, some “troll confrontations” can turn out positive – like this case where writer Lindy West wrote about a troll that posed as her deceased father, and got a heart-felt apology as a result.

And last but not least, Sweden even has a reality show about confronting internet trolls.

My advice is – treat people on-line the way you’d treat them in person, only be extra courteous because “the internet” is watching you.

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