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How academia’s liberal bias is killing social science

One of the greatest puzzlers for those who have to live with the end result of liberal & feminist policies is how they get to be justified in the face of the fact that they clearly don’t work. Wouldn’t there be academic research to back up that objective fact? Wouldn’t there be non-liberal academics to point out that the emperor has no clothes, and provide a counter-argument to bad policy?

As it turns out, the social sciences are awash in academics with a liberal bent, who in one survey confessed this little bombshell:

In one survey they conducted of academic social psychologists, “82 percent admitted that they would be at least a little bit prejudiced against a conservative [job] candidate.” Eighty-two percent! It’s often said discrimination works through unconscious bias, but here 82 percent even have conscious bias.

Such overt bias against non-liberal academics can result in some “surprising” study results like that of a (liberal) scientist:

…a study that sought to show that conservatives reach their beliefs only through denying reality achieved that result by describing ideological liberal beliefs as “reality,” surveying people on whether they agreed with them, and then concluding that those who disagree with them are in denial of reality — and lo, people in that group are much more likely to be conservative!

While studies like this have nothing to do with science, in a field with such pervasive groupthink, it can get published in peer-reviewed journals and passed off as “science,” to applause and accolades by the author’s peers.

It doesn’t stop there – one study submitted articles on different test studies to a number of peer-review boards. Each study used the same methodology, the only difference was how the purported findings either went for or against the liberal worldview.

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to conclude which studies got criticized and rejected, and which ones “passed muster.”

What’s the danger to this kind of all-minds-think-alike groupthink? Simply put:

Social sciences and humanities cannot be completely divorced from the philosophy of those who practice it. And groupthink causes some questions not to be asked, and some answers not to be overly scrutinized. It is making our science worse. Anyone who cares about the advancement of knowledge and science should care about this problem.

The original article is here.

The draft academic paper on the over-representation of liberal world-views in social psychology and recommendation for change is here.

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